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Sync Licensing, Explained.

By Beth B. Moore


“Sync” or “synchronization” licenses refer to when music-makers grant content creators (such as filmmakers, tv producers, and ad agencies) the right to pair their music with audio-visual works (for example, films, tv shows, and tv/radio advertisements).

A sync license is short-hand for a “master use and synchronization license” or “master-sync license,” because the content creator needs to secure not one but two licenses: (1) a master use license from the artist/record label that controls the recording, and (2) a sync license from the songwriters/publishers who control the underlying composition.

Music, as a collaborative art form, can be owned and controlled by multiple rights holders, and identifying and securing all the necessary permissions can be a difficult and daunting process. Failure to secure 100% consent may result in copyright infringement claims, expensive settlements, bad publicity and unhappy clients. Tunewell does the hard work for you by pre-clearing the legal rights and offering all-inclusive master-sync licenses in one easy transaction.

What Makes Tunewell Unique?

By Beth Moore

The music industry is rife with licensing catalogs, so what makes Tunewell unique?

First, Tunewell prides itself on discovering untapped, independent talent who rival the style and quality of expensive, major-label music. We believe in quality over quantity. Think of us as a matchmaking service that pairs local artists and trendsetters with brands and content creators.

Second, Tunewell offers personalized music curation services for projects of all sizes. With minimal input, we can expedite your music research process and provide you with our targeted recommendations. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll hunt it down it for you.

Third, we offer our artists fair splits and full transparency. We take our mission seriously to help music-makers earn a living from their art. We maintain direct, personal relationships with all of our artists. Many of them are available upon request for your customized production needs.

Music supervision can be a daunting task. Think of Tunewell as your extended staff, here to lead your musical discovery without the overhead.

Tunewell is a pre-cleared music licensing catalog that services content creators and music supervisors who are looking for a compelling soundtrack to their film, television show, video game, web series, sports reels, corporate video, advertising content or other audio-visual work.

The biggest challenge to licensing music is obtaining the necessary legal permissions from all the songwriters, artists, record labels, producers and other rights holders who created the music. No one wants to be accused of copyright infringement.

Tunewell makes music licensing affordable and stress-free by identifying high quality, independent music and “pre-clearing” the legal rights for easy plug-and-play.