Gas Hound

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About Gas Hound

Gas Hound rumbles in the ears of listeners like a tumbleweed murder machine, slogging across the arid lands of Moab dissolving into the soft psychedelic blossom of the “Desierto Florido” in Atacama, Chile. For Indie Rock fans of Neil Young, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, or Wilco – Gas Hound is Atlanta‘s portal to living and breathing the sonic landscapes of Blade Runner, Pale Rider, and Jim Jarmusch’s “Dead Man.”

Gas Hound is the desert-inspired rock n roll project of Atlanta-based writer Benjamin J. Davidow ( Lead Guitarist, Lyricist and Co-Composer of The Buzzards of Fuzz, Sash the Bash, and Nuncio, as well as a contributing writing and multi-instrumentalist for Phantom Electric).

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